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By-Law No. 1 Article of Incorporation Mayor and Council Letter

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News, Letters and Presentation to Seguin Council

2011 Rocky Crest Water Monitoring Report IMG_00000588 Letter to Ontario Ombudsman
Mayor & Council Letter Dec. 2nd, 2008
Mayor & Council Letter Motion 1
Mayor & Council Letter Motion 2, 6, 7 & 8
Mayor & Council Letter

Board of Directors/ Notice of AGM

AGM Invitation - 2012
Notice of AGM- 2012 Agenda
Notice of AGM- 2013 Agenda
Notice of AGM- 2014 Agenda
Board of Directors Meeting- 2014 TLRA AGM- August 30, 2014 Approved Motions- AGM 2008
Notice of AGM Historical - 2014
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes- 2014 AGM- 2010 AGM September 3, 2011 Minutes AGM August 21, 2011 Minutes AGM Sept 4, 2010 Minutes

Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association

Seguin Township

Muskoka lakes association

TLRA AGM Minutes 2015 Water Quality Update Invitation to Annual Meeting- 2015 New Crown Land Permits Notice of Decision McMaster Letter Ontario Municipal Board Participation Presentation March 2, 2015 Seguin Zoning App. File Shoreline Development Policies
Rocky Crest - 2015 SW Mon. Report
Certificate of Corporate Resolution
Notice of AGM 2016 Notice Clean, Clear, Safe By-Law
Proposed CCS By-Law
OMB Amendment No. 8 (Johnston) ISW 2015 Final Report TLRA AGM Minutes 2016 Presentation August 21, 2017 - Dock Awning Presentation August 21, 2017 - OPA No. 9 Notice of AGM 2017 Airport Expansion Issues Waterfront Design Guidelines TLRA AGM Minutes 2017 Notice of AGM 2018 Candidate Questionnaire Responses Zoning By-law Amendment Draft Zoning Amendment (Di Lorenzo) Planning Justification Report (Di Lorenzo) Property Information Sketch (Di Lorenzo) Rocky Crest 2017 SW Monitoring Report

2017 Water Quality Reports

Rocky Crest 2017 SW Monitoring Report Hutchinson-Environmental-Report-2017 Appendix C - Pesticide Records TLRA AGM Minutes 2018 TLRA - DMMOP Verbal Presentation TLRA - DMMOP Written OP Di Lorenzo - Current - DPS-PL-2019-072 Di Lorenzo - Original - DPS-PL-2018-109 Notice of AGM 2019 Di Lorenzo Zone Change Application